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About Us

Who We Are
“As pioneers, it is not just what we believe. It is the quality we stand for. Our current programme is a two-technology approach. We only apply LED when it play’s to its strengths. The green energy benefits of LED are too big for mankind to ignore. For us reliability and quality remain key, even today as innovators, we enthuse, apply invent and lead from the front . . . . . . ”

Strategic Lighting Group was formed in 2003 from a close knit team with many years of considerable lighting experience in the United Kingdom and international export markets. Our directors and technicians steered some of the biggest brands in the UK lighting professional market. They also pioneered the use of LED’s as light in luminaires together with a French competitor going back to the early to mid-1990’s. As innovators we intend to remain industry and product “movers and shakers. We apply, invent and find solutions.
Group Nature

Strategic Lighting Group is both a patented manufacturer, part assembler, direct importer and brand affiliated lighting product solutions provider. It is affiliated with other brands under joint co-collaboration and/ or ownership in the United Kingdom. Some of our brands are directly presented in the UK under their own brand names and supported from their respective head offices.

Company Aims

With ever increasing homogeneity and “me too” products amongst  lighting manufacturers. Strategic was formed with creating elements of difference in supply. Our key focus is to manufacture and supply , “light in architecture”, with lighting with purpose, Meaning that each and every product should have a purpose and contribute an impression of merit. In this way we ensure all our products are welcome additions and provide solutions.

Quality Assurance

“ ultimately we believe quality speaks and will vote for itself in the end.”

Strategic Lighting and its affiliated group brands work diligently to conform with standards. These transpose well as quality programs. Our consolidation and commitment to total quality reflects our brand name. We applaud quality and ultimately we believe that quality speaks for itself in the end. We warranty and uphold our brand name above all else. The Strategic Group, its partners and affiliates only use well known quality assured gear, lamp and LED manufacturers.
Project Involvement

“ The diversity of the projects and clients we engage are world class. We still get excited and enthuse, when we deal with some of the best designers, with the highest profile projects. From national monuments, right up to the Olympic Games. We consider our involvement a privilege not a right. We never forget our roots nor to work hard - being humble is a strength.”

Strategic Lighting and its affiliated group brands have worked with many leading UK designers, architects, engineers and end users to affect many notable project installations.